Dog Ears

The multi-talented and all round rather brilliant Mat Baynton has just released a 4-track EP of solo songs, under his new Dog Ears monicker. His songs have a dark, melodic, ethereal beauty.  I particularly like 'Mrs Winchester' which is based on the extraordinary story of The Winchester Mystery House, home of Sarah, the widow of rifle magnate William Winchester.  She believed she was haunted by the innumerable ghosts of those that had been killed by her late husband's rifle, and consequently spent 38 years continuously building her vast mansion in California into a maze of twists, turns, and dead ends, so that the spirits would get lost and never be able to find her.

Filming the new series of Horrible Histories at a remote location in West Sussex last week, we used our lunch break to shoot a couple of publicity stills for the new release.

Here are the results: