Autumn sunshine

We've been blessed with a gloriously warm and sunny autumn this year,  and I've been making the most of the fine weather to shoot lots of children's portraits. Children are a favorite subject of mine, and as a new-ish father myself I'm acutely aware of how quickly they grow up, and how the various different 'stages' pass by and are forgotten.  I love to think that my pictures accurately capture a beautiful, unique moment in a child's life and that, a little like fine wine, the pictures will grow in value and importance as time progresses.  Years down the line, long after the financial investment has been forgotten, I love to imagine my pictures bringing priceless memories to their parents, amazement to the then grown-up children, and their children, and so on.

Anyway, enough of that pontification - here's a selection of some of my favourite recent shots.

**COMMERCIAL BREAK** Children's portrait shoots take just a couple of hours and start at £300 for a selection of 50+ pictures.  Framed prints, collages and photo books make really wonderful Christmas and birthday presents for parents, godparents, grandparents....

**COMMERCIAL BREAK** This Sunday marks eleven weeks until Christmas!  If you'd like to book a children's portrait shoot, please give me a call on 07515 723 699 or drop me a line at