Marc & Marie's wedding, Corsley Manor

I was lucky enough to be invited to shoot Marc and Marie's July wedding at Corsley Manor in Wiltshire.  It's a beautiful location and the church is just 50 yards from the house and gardens.

Marc and his ushers were getting ready in typically chaotic male fashion.

Marc scrubbed up OK in his spanking new Jaeger suit

Marie had chosen a dress from Cymbeline.  Stunning.

And some seriously bling Jimmys

Marie had chosen eight bridesmaids.  And why not?  There was masses of room in the master bedroom for them all to get ready together.

The bridesmaids' shoes were a sight to behold.

Quick, into the dress!

Ooh ooh guests arriving!

How do I look?

Mum is suitably impressed.  It's always a magical moment when parents see their little darlings all set and ready to walk up the aisle.

The entourage on the move

As the bride approaches, Marc is one big grin.

During the vows, the sun came out and flooded the church with gorgeous light.

Confetti, backlit by bright sunslight?  And a flag of St. George?  Yes please.

The detailing was beautiful - lots of flowers, and charming vintage deliciousness.

Here come the girls

Not to be outdone, the boys put in some serious posing

While the guests got stuck into the champagne, the newlyweds took a short walk in the gardens.  I was invited.

Wildflower meadows made for a stunning backdrop.

In the marquee, the vintage flourishes abounded.

Could they look any happier?

After the starter, the bride and groom retreated for a frolic in a treehouse.  All wedding receptions should include a treehouse, by law.

The Best Man's speech included a multimedia presentation, featuring some delightful portraits of Marc and his enthusiastic partying techniques.

There's nothing quite like 15 minutes of public humiliation on your wedding day.

After dinner the sun came out in force and everyone was pretty relaxed.

There was a trampoline.  They didn't need asking twice.

Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world.

The Best man had made the wedding cake.  An M&M cake.  Marie and Marc....see what he did there?

Anyway, about a million M&Ms were involved.  Painstakingly stuck on by hand.  Good work.

The first dance was followed by...

...some very enthusiastic drinking....


...and posing.


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