Family photography in Chiswick - simple studio fun with Jaya

Lots of fun and laughter with two-year-old Jaya and her parents in the studio yesterday. I set up a simple three-light system and, with a little prompting, let her do her thing.

A little shy at first, she soon realised she was the star of the show and could do pretty much whatever she liked.

Cue the cuteness.

A bowler hat made of a fun little series

Then we found some more hats

Very proud of her counting

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Children's and family photography in Cobham

A glorious June day, with cloudless skies and not a breath of wind...too hot, in fact, at lunchtime, so we began indoors, with a black backdrop series of family shots. The sunlight was flooding through the windows so I shot it all with natural light.

Thereafter we headed into the garden for some fresh air, the children delighting in the unaccustomed sunhine.

A short walk and we were out in the real countryside.  The children played hide and seek, and raced each through the long grass.

This was my third photo shoot with this beautiful family.  It's always a treat to be invited back, and to see the children growing up.  It gets better every time, as our rapport is now well-established.

Children's portraits in W. Sussex

The last truly wet day of summer laid waste to any plans we may have had to run round the extensive gardens of this W. Sussex house, but fortunately we were blessed with huge rooms and moody window light. The five children were on typically boisterous form when all photographed together, but individually they were perfectly calm and very engaging company.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning spent exploring the house looking for attractive light and appealing backgrounds

All shot using natural light on Canon 5D Mark II with 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 and my favourite 85mm f/1.2


The recent fine weather has brought about a brief glut of children's portrait shoots. I absolutely love this kind of work, as it never fails to bring out the (not-so-well-hidden) inner child in me.

There is nothing easier to achieve, or more adorable, than a child's laugh, and nothing pleases me more than the simple delight on their parents' faces when they see the pictures.

All shot using natural light, Canon 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses

Autumn sunshine

We've been blessed with a gloriously warm and sunny autumn this year,  and I've been making the most of the fine weather to shoot lots of children's portraits. Children are a favorite subject of mine, and as a new-ish father myself I'm acutely aware of how quickly they grow up, and how the various different 'stages' pass by and are forgotten.  I love to think that my pictures accurately capture a beautiful, unique moment in a child's life and that, a little like fine wine, the pictures will grow in value and importance as time progresses.  Years down the line, long after the financial investment has been forgotten, I love to imagine my pictures bringing priceless memories to their parents, amazement to the then grown-up children, and their children, and so on.

Anyway, enough of that pontification - here's a selection of some of my favourite recent shots.

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