Daisy in Brighton

It's always a pleasure to visit Brighton, to get a whiff of sea air, and hear the seagulls whirling around.  It is a place that seems perpetually sunny in my mind's eye and, true enough, it was a cloud-free day when I travelled down from London to photograph Daisy.  It was particularly fun for me as I had lost touch with Daisy's parents some years ago and it was a great chance to catch up and reminisce about the good old times.

Daisy was a wonderful subject - full of naughty fun and laughter.  She's so like her Mummy it's uncanny.

The great thing about photo shoots is you are allowed to do all the things Mummy and Daddy normally forbid - like jumping on the bed

...and climbing on the sofa

...and sitting in Daddy's favourite chair.

Such an adorable stage - lucky me

Bouncing baby

I love photographing babies - their perfect skin and pristine, sparkling, inquisitive eyes make a photographer's work so easy. Poppy Grace Dixon-Lyon is no exception.  We spent a happy couple of hours in her thrall, so alert and bright, and perfectly behaved.  Apart from a little wee on the fur rug!

Here are some of my favourite shots: