Happy clients

It's always lovely to hear positive feedback from clients, and happy brides can be particularly effusive.  There is an area of my website, under 'Weddings', entitled 'Happy couples', dedicated to these delightful messages. I was thrilled, then, to receive a 12-page newspaper in the post this week, from a happy couple, featuring not one or two, but HUNDREDS of their wedding pictures, along with a charming covering note.

They designed it themselves, had it printed and circulated it amongst all their family and friends as a memorable thank you for their support on the day.

The newsprint medium means the colour reproduction isn't 100% accurate, but it looks fantastic nontheless, and the layout and picture selection really capture the mood of the day.

It's rare to see so many pictures laid out next to one another in one place, but the collage effect works brilliantly.

Their civil ceremony and reception were held under one roof at the gorgeous Cripps Stone Barn, which is in a magically isolated spot, set amid rolling Cotswold countryside.  The total seclusion and privacy, not to mention top-notch service and fabulous catering, meant that all 120 guests really got into the spirit of the day.

It was, more than most, a day filled with laughter, and tears, enormous emotional highs, and a number of more reflective, sentimental moments.

Seeing the pictures again - hundreds of moments, funny, euphoric and sad, captured forever - reminds me how lucky I am to have such amazing clients, and how privileged I am to bear witness to days like this.