Gethin Jones for the London Evening Standard

The Evening Standard commissioned me to take some photographs of the TV presenter, Gethin Jones.  He was being interviewed to publicise his new 'altruistic' ITV show 'Holding out for a Hero' where contestants play for prizes that will help change someone else's life rather than their own. As is usually the case with such jobs, I was given a time and an address, a bit of background info and fifteen minutes to come up with something.  So either a case of complete creative freedom (yeehah!), or a short-lived venture into the unknown (eek!), depending on your point of view.

Luckily for me Gethin was quite charming and completely at ease in front of the camera (...and his fine Welsh bone structure helped a bit)

All shot using natural light, using Canon 85mm f/1.2 and 24-105mm f/4

Here are some of the results.