Following last month's cocktail experiment, I was commissioned by the Evening Standard to photograph some amazing-looking alcoholic ice lollies created by the fiendish wizards at Barchick. It was a surprisingly challenging job...

The ices needed supporting in a vertical position, but they had so much alcohol in the mix, they were somewhat prone to collapse, so a gentle touch was required.

The lighting was quite technical.  In the end I opted for a single on-axis fill light, and two rim lights, the one to camera left raking across the front of the lolly, which we doused with water, to define texture.

The lollies were clamped into position by the handle, and then I later photographed the handles sans clamp and replaced them in post.

Needless to say we enjoyed the few remaining spares once we had wrapped.  Most refreshing.

Home-made ice lolly makers can be found on amazon, and here are the recipes